The Gazley Nissan Range

Here at Gazley Nissan, we do everything with the customer in mind. Every action we take, and every decision we make, is made with the utmost care, precision and quality because ultimately, it’s for you.

All new Nissan vehicles come with a 5-year/150,00kms Warranty**.

*New Zealand Government Clean Car rebates/fess may apply for new vehicles registered from July 1st 2023. Values stated should be taken as guidance only and may be subject to change without notice. Further details, see our website. Used/demonstrator vehicle pricing may be affected by rebates and fees, please contact our sales team for further details.
**Full terms and conditions for Nissan’s 5-year/150,000kms warranty can be found here.

Nissan Future Value

With customised repayments based on your finance preferences^ and annual kilometre allowance, Nissan Future Value gives you the flexibility to make your next move with confidence.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan intelligent Mobility is your on-road co-pilot, giving you the extra awareness helping to give you a safer driving exerience.